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5 người phổ biến được yêu thương quí nhất là người nghệ sỹ, ca sỹ và trình diễn viên

Những người phổ biến ở nước Việt Nam thông thường đem 2 nghề nghiệp

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Fanpage Facebook là điểm thông tin vấn đề của mình, như thể như các vương quốc không giống

Những người phổ biến nước Việt Nam khá không giống đối với những người dân phổ biến Nhật Bản

Bảng xếp thứ hạng phái nữ người nghệ sỹ được yêu thương quí

No. Người nổi tiếng Facebook Likes Occupations
1 Mỹ Tâm 123,479 Ca sĩ
2 Khởi My 7,272,321 Ca sĩ
3 Hồ Ngọc Hà 3,222,360 Ca sĩ
4 Minh Hằng 4,995,347 Singer / Actress
5 Đông Nhi 5,149,337 Ca sĩ
6 Hari won 140,059 Ca sĩ
7 Ngọc Trinh 288,336 Model
8 Tăng Thanh Hà 206,065 Actress
9 Thùy Chi 255,000 Ca sĩ
10 Thuỷ Tiên 2,628,163 Singer / Writer
11 Chipu 2,000 Actress
12 Thanh Hằng 487,158 Model / Actress
13 Việt Hương 16,284 Comedian
14 Bảo Thy 3,392,608 Ca sĩ
15 Bích Phương 210,234 Ca sĩ
16 Phương Trinh 425,000 Model / Actress
17 Phuong Anh (Vietnam Idol) 57,774 Ca sĩ
18 Ngân Khánh 2,847,902 Actress / Singer
19 Lương Minh Trang 32,346 Ca sĩ
20 Phi Nhung Pham 667,357 Ca sĩ
21 Thu Minh 1,848,563 Ca sĩ

Top 5 phái nữ người nghệ sỹ được yêu thương quí nhất

1. Mỹ Tâm

Birthday: January 16th, 1981

From: Da Nang, Vietnam

Occupation: Pop singer, composer

Profile: Her best-known songs are "Hoạ Mi Tóc Nâu" (Brown-Haired Nightingale) and "Ước Gì" (I Wish). With the unique voice and hit songs among Vietnamese people (not only youth, but also adults), she became famous sánh quickly and she is named “Brown-Haired Nightingale” after her famous tuy nhiên.

Web page / Fan page:

2. Khởi My

Birthday: 2nd, January, 1990

From: Long Khanh, Vietnam

Occupation: Singer, MC

Profile: She was famous for her strong voice and her bubbly character. She was awarded the 1st prize of “Your Face Sounds Similar 2013” TV show and 1st prize of “Student voice” 2007. She has many popular songs among Vietnamese youth such as "Đơn giản" ( Simple ),"Xa nhau kể từ phía trên."(Distance Apart)“Vì sao”(why), “Hạt cát" (grain of sand) and "Đôi cánh” (wings) are also hit songs.

Web page / Fan page:

3. Hồ Ngọc Hà

Birthday: November 25th, 1984

From: Born in Đồng Hới, Vietnam

Occupation: model, singer

Profile: Previously, she was only known as a brilliant model. She became famous when she won the first prize in the super model contest of Vietnam in 2003 and 2004. Promotional for the brand as Sunplay, Toshiba, Sony Ericsson, Sunsilk...

Web page / Fan page:

4. Minh Hằng

Birthday: June 22nd, 1987

From: Ho Chi Minh đô thị, Vietnam

Occupation: Singer, actress

Profile: With the beautiful face and special voice, she became a famous singer and actress in Vietnam. She was also well-known with the representative for some online game in Vietnam. With dancer, Atanas Georgiev Malamov, she won Strictly Come Dancing Vietnam, Series III. She has been voiced for Jewel in the Vietnamese dub of American 3D-Animated film, Rio...

Web page / Fan page:

5. Đông Nhi

Birthday: October 13th, 1988

From: Hanoi, Vietnam

Occupation: Singer, actress

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Profile: She is firstly considered as one of the first artists of the movement singer stepped out from the network world with many famous songs in her career such as “Cry”, “Embarrassed”. Besides the singer talent, she also is an actress in some Vietnamese movie. In the other side, she was more famous when being in the relationship with a male singer named “Ông Cao Thắng”, a talent and handsome singer.

Web page / Fan page:

Bảng xếp thứ hạng phái mạnh người nghệ sỹ được yêu thương quí

No. Người nổi tiếng Facebook Likes Occupations
1 Sơn Tùng 5,836,217 Ca sĩ
2 Hoài Linh 6,799,193 Comedian
3 Đan Trường 957,454 Ca sĩ
4 Noo Phước Thịnh 329,567 Ca sĩ
5 Trấn Thành 5,621,646 Comedian / MC
6 Đàm Vĩnh Hưng 1,723,502 Ca sĩ
7 Tuấn Hưng 2,262,712 Ca sĩ
8 Khắc Việt 2,795,582 Singer / Writer
9 Hồ Quang Hiếu 5,609,121 Ca sĩ
10 Công Phượng 325,299 Football player
11 Quang Lê 559,539 Ca sĩ
12 Hoài Lâm 816,267 Ca sĩ
13 Hồng Đăng 11,244 Writer
14 Thanh Bùi 2,164,938 Singer / Writer
15 Chi Dân 437,701 Ca sĩ
16 Wanbi Tuấn Anh 21,251 Ca sĩ
17 Đinh Mạnh Ninh 46,524 Ca sĩ
18 Kelvin Khanh 3,414,783 Ca sĩ
19 Minh Quân 51,405 Ca sĩ
20 Phạm Trưởng 249,486 Ca sĩ
21 Thành Lương 3,494 Football player
22 The Men 2,472,595 Ca sĩ

Top 5 phái mạnh người nghệ sỹ được yêu thương quí nhất

1. Hoài Linh

Birthday: December 18 1969

From: Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam

Occupation: Comedian actor, artist

Profile: With the talent and great performance, he always bring the smiles lớn everyone. Not only Vietnamese people living in Vietnam, but also Vietnamese people living in other countries on the world love his play, his comedian and love him. He achieved many awards such as Cu Neo Gold, Gold and Plum took the stage for New Comedy and theater abroad.

Webpage / Fan page:

2. Đan Trường

Birthday: November 29, 1976

From: Ho Chi Minh đô thị, Vietnam

Occupation: Singer, actor, dancer

Profile: With the variety music trend, he has become professional singer since 1997 with many famous songs among Vietnamese people. He achieved Mai gold award by Nguoi Lao Dong held in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004,2005, 2007.

Webpage / Fan page:

3. Noo Phước Thịnh

Birthday: December 18, 1988

From: Ho Chi Minh đô thị, Vietnam

Occupation: Singer, actor, dancer

Profile: He was well-known by his special voice, his handsome face and his good appearance. With many hot songs for youth, he has a good position in Vietnamese youth’s heart.

Web page / Fan page:

4. Trấn Thành

Birthday: February 5th, 1987

From: Ho Chi Minh đô thị, Vietnam

Occupation: MC, comedian, actor, voice actor

> Profile: With the humorous character and the good performance on the stage, he was well-known as an MC. Some programs that he works successfully as an MC such as “Let’s say it” (The learning Vietnamese program for foreigners), “Rainbow Art”,” So You Think You Can Dance,” “Laugh Gala 2011” or “The liveshow of Quang Le”.

Webpage / Fan Page:

5. Sơn Tùng

Birthday: July 5th, 1994

From: Tỉnh Thái Bình, Vietnam

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Occupation: singer, tuy nhiên writer, daner, boxer

Profile: With his talent, as well as passions for singing, Son Tung has become the most popular male singer in Vietnam: awarded by "Cơn mưa ngang qua" (Through the rain) and "Em của ngày hôm qua" (You of yesterday).

Webpage / Fan page:

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